Modernise Your Operations. Allow Sure Sense to Revolutonise Your Business.

Catering Management

Sure Sense provides a set of tools to manage professional hospitality operations across multiple sites. This enables unprecedented improvements in data recording tasks, making paper based records a thing of the past.

Return on Investment

The Sure Sense suite of Apps enables users to efficiently monitor their businesses. Simple to use, they create high quality data displayed in powerful dashboards to deliver insightful real time management tools to save time and produce rapid Return on Investment (RoI).

Mobile & Wireless

Manual temperature records and hygiene tasks are collected through apps on the latest mobile platforms. Sure Sense leverages advanced wireless technology in its sensors to automatically monitor fridges and freezers.

Paper. Designed by the Chinese in 200 BC.

Traditional kitchens produce over 1,500 paper forms per year. It's time consuming and error prone, hard to store and easily damaged. Management struggle to access the data. There is a better way.

The Paper Story

Sure Sense iPad

Rugged iPads. Designed to Survive in the Kitchen.

The kitchen is a demanding environment, so Sure Sense have sourced a US military grade case to protect our iPads from the knocks, drops and splashes of daily kitchen life. Protecting your investment.

Smartphone Apps. Designed to Keep You in Touch.

With real time access to Sure Sense from your smartphone, you can stay on top of multiple operations from the office or the coffee shop.

Sure Sense iPhone

Sure Sense iPhone

Reports. Designed to Improve Your Business.

The suite of Sure Sense Apps are easy to use for kitchen staff, but the Reporting App turns all that data into valuable information, generating insights on how to improve your operations.